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from story – t e l l i n g

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If Visual Storytelling is form by content


how will you show your story?


Welcome to the Visual Storytelling Academy


Interview at the ILO Agency of the United Nations in Geneva
What is Visual Storytelling?
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“Man is a storytelling animal by nature”

Umberto Eco


Storytelling is the latest buzzword used to making sense of everything today, from journalism to PR, from public diplomacy to digital propaganda.
The visual is estimated to account for roughly 90% of the whole of digital data.  Though, the visual quality of today’s digital communication is as pivotal as yet shifting, if not, often, misunderstood.
For instance, is the visual an object or an experience?  Is a selfie still visual when it’s not shown, but verbally narrated?  Does the selfie become a verbal (as per the communicating medium) or a sonic (as per the receiving senses) experience?  And, how many pictures (btw… images or pictures?) do you shoot on your phone?  What for?  To question or to affirm what you see or what is out there?
The Academy of Visual Storytelling is rooted on a sensible, hands-on appreciation of what an image is and how images might be used.
This Academy approaches storytelling as a tool for the tailored production and meaningful understanding of socio-political communication.
Through bespoke research and flexible consulting activities, the Academy successfully impacts on a wide variety of social challenges.


Why The Academy?


My name is Massimiliano and I’m the Director of the Academy.
I worked as a multimedia journalist for 25+ years from Morocco to China.
My client portfolio includes UN agencies, private partners and research institutions.
I was awarded my PhD at the University of Exeter (UK) in 2014.
I lead the Digital and Interactive Storytelling LAB at the University of Westminster (UK).
I combine visual storytelling production with analysis to provide:
Bespoke Training
Multicultural Consulting
Digital Production


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