The Visual Storytelling Academy


from story – t e l l i n g

to story – s h o w i n g


Visual Storytelling combines form with content to show your story


Welcome to the Visual Storytelling Academy


“What is visual storytelling?” – A one-day workshop at the ILO, UN HQ, Geneva, 2018 – © ILO


“Man is a storytelling animal by nature”

Umberto Eco


Storytelling is the latest buzzword we hear today to make sense of anything, from journalism to PR, from public diplomacy to infowars.

The visual accounts for more than 90% of all digital data.

Yet, such foundational centrality is oversimplified and overlooked.

In response, the Academy approaches STORY-SHOWING as the tool for the tailored production and meaningful understanding of today’s socio-political and business communication.

The Academy [1] trains to use images in a sensible, valuable and impactful manner, and [2] supports private and public partners to  consistently   enhance their visual identity across all media and digital platforms.

Through bespoke research and flexible consulting activities, the Academy continues to successfully inform both public institutions and private enterprises.


Why The Academy?


My name is Massimiliano and I’m the Director of the Academy.

I worked as a multimedia journalist for 25+ years from Morocco to China.

My clients include UN agencies, public institutions, and private businesses.

I was awarded my PhD at the University of Exeter (UK) in 2014.

I co-founded and led the Digital and Interactive Storytelling LAB at the University of Westminster (UK) till 2021.

I currently teach and consult for the University of H-Farm outside Venice (Italy).

Through the Academy, I combine strategic analysis with visual storytelling production to provide:


Bespoke Training


Multicultural Consulting


Digital Production




What can I do for you?

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