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"Man is a storytelling animal by nature"

Umberto Eco

Storytelling is today’s buzzword.

It is all-pervasive.

Now, everything is told as "a story"

but what does - s t o r y t e l l i n g - actually mean?

Or, indeed, how to move from  s t o r y ~ t e l l i n g ?

to s t o r y ~ s h o w i n g ?

Welcome to The Visual Storytelling Academy


Interview at the ILO Agency of the United Nations in Geneva
What is Visual Storytelling?
© The United Nations Agency of the ILO 2018



Visual Storytelling happens when media form matches visual content



Why Me?

My name is Massimiliano.

I worked as a multimedia journalist for 25+ years from Morocco to China.

My client portfolio includes UN agencies, private partners and research institutions.

I was awarded my PhD at the University of Exeter (UK) in 2014.

I combine visual storytelling production with analysis to provide:

Bespoke Training & Multicultural Consulting

Digital Production

Interactive Platforms

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