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For 25+ years, I have been working with images

Translating visual production practice into sensible theory for diplomatic communication.
Webinar at the DiploFoundation, October 2019

I began taking photographs when we would use film developers. I now continue to work both with film and digital equipments, getting my hands dirty with acids and binary codes.

A recent estimate suggested that, each year, more images are being produced and made public than throughout the whole history of photography prior to 2014.

Undoubtedly, the role of images has acquired an undisputed centrality in the communication strategies of individuals, business and institutions, globally. In a sea of digital information being noticed, or engaged with, even for a second, can make or break your message.

This is the focus of both my academic research and professional practice. I endlessly intertwine them to test my theories while I hands-on practice them, by making visual communication.

The key issue remains how to use images to their full potential.

Visual Storytelling leverages aesthetics, composition and colours to design eloquent and effective messages.

Designing aesthetics as a sensible, practical and creative tool to change the mood, tone or direction of a message means that you influence your target audience, strategically.

Visual storytelling is your tool to combine advocacy for your cause with the powerbroking potential of your digital audience.

This is why I argue that Visual Storytelling is not content in a form…

Storytelling is digital form fit for the visual content

The 798 of Beijing
Commissioned triptych for private collection
© Fusari / massimedia

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