Unsure? Let’s know each other!

All the pages I have navigated seem ok, and you definitively convinced me – you might very well think – yet, I’d like to understand better what we can do together and, more importantly, whether the Academy is the right answer to my problem.

We definitively agree on that and we must find a starting point to explore and assess the issue.

That’s why we provide a Booking Service to start a conversation.


As you see below, you can choose among some pre-arranged activities, with reference to both Training and Consulting. There is also space for dedicated tutorials available for current and past participants.

From the Booking Form you can choose a slot, which I will confirm as soon as possible. There is equally an opportunity to submit a PDF document, should you wish to share materials in advance to our meeting.

All booking here are with the Head of the Academy, Dr. Massimiliano Fusari.


If the Booking system doesn’t solve your enquiry, please feel free to send me a mail to info [at] The Visual Storytelling [dot] Academy and I will get back to you shortly.